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Promoting Empowerment Programs for Minority Communities


Developing Minority Youths Into Community Leaders

Inspirational Ministries, Inc. based in Dallas, Texas, is promoting leadership development among Michigan's African-American and other minority youths. From providing inspirational talks to character-building opportunities, we reach out to people ranging in age from 13 - 45 years in order to provide guidance in troubled communities. Our focus includes faith support for:


23.1% Hispanics. 16.5% African-Americans. 12.4% Caucasians.

College Graduates

47% Asians. 29% Caucasians. 17% African-Americans. 11% Hispanics.


African-Americans serve as mentors most often. In southeast Michigan's tri-county area, African-Americans are 48% of mentors and 49% in the Thumb/Bay area.

African American Woman of Faith

Homicides & Suicides

90% of African-American homicides are committed by other African-Americans. The suicide mortality rate in Michigan and nationally is lower for African-American males and females than it is for white males and females.

Premature Births

African-American teen mothers are twice as likely to deliver low birth weight babies. They are also 11/2 times more likely to have premature babies than white teen mothers according to researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Path Finders®

In order to address the needs outlined above, communities need well-established programs to help minority communities. Our copyrighted, Path Finders program, is designed specifically with young men and women in mind. We are sponsored by Uplift Our Youth Foundation of Lansing Michigan and aligned with their views of providing leadership development training sessions for African-American and minority men, women, girls, and boys. The workshops we provide are hosted quarterly and the fees vary based on need.

Let's Move!

Let's Move is our faith-based initiative that focuses on making healthy choices. In partnership with Michelle Obama, this ambitious program is uniquely designed to help people who want to make a change in the way they're living. Families can empower themselves by checking our online forum. Together we will initiate discussions and activities that encourage healthy living to improve the health of our children, families, and communities.

Rules of the Forum

While reading through the discussions and comments, never act on advice from anyone that is unlicensed. Always continue following the instructions of your doctor, especially in cases of extreme obesity. Please be sensitive to the needs of others and try not to say unkind things, as we may have to exclude you from the forum if it continues. We work hard to maintain a warm, loving, and friendly environment, so all comments will be monitored before being posted.