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In Memory of Evelyn


Born: Jan 11,1947 - Death: Sept. 16, 2019. Evelyn attended Commerce High School of Business and graduated from Cast Technological High. She workes as a Bank Teller while persuing a Modeling Career. Years later, she attended Specks Howard Radio Broadcasting School. She Loved, and faithfully served her family unconditionally. In 1989, she moved to Florida and began a new life working as Manager for Aero Storage. She supported Orphans at Save the Children Foundation for 20-years. Her commitment to Christ can be seen in the faithful support of John Haghee Ministries. There is no doubt in my mind that her Alms and giving have gone up as a Memorial before heaven. In the book of Act 10:4"... the angel answered, your prayers an alms to the poor have come up before me as a Memorial Offering before God. Her creativity exceeded the limits! This request to have a Beach Shore Memorial is proof of the words just spoken. She loved living the good life! And will be greatly missed by her loving sister, nieces, and nephew; cousins and friends.

God bless you, Evelyn, my sister and friend.